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Aarian - EPK

Artist Bio

Aarian grew up in the Cheshire countryside where he first found his love for music. He played piano from the age of 5 however after he began to lose his sight he became frustrated with playing classical tunes from sheet music he could not read and stopped going to piano lessons. But after first watchingTitanic at 12 he found himself sat at the piano again, teaching himself how  to play Céline Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” by ear.

Throughout his teenage years he would often lock himself away in the piano room writing countless songs as a way of making sense of the world around him, however he never played his music for anyone other than his closest friend until he moved to London at 18 to start his acting training at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. 

He continued to write through his training however it wasn’t until the lockdown during his graduating year that he found himself back up in the family home in Cheshire where he was able to reconnect with music and fell back in love with writing without the voices of self doubt and constant comparison that had plagued him whilst at drama school 

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Debut single "Five Yard Line" - Release date 27.05.22

About the track

His debut single “Five Yard Line” is an intimate and personal look at trust and commitment issues that kept cropping up in Aarian’s life. He wrote the song in the space of one night after recognising that he kept falling into a pattern of thinking people didn’t really want to spend time with him and that they’d eventually hurt or leave him. These seemingly unfounded trust and commitment issues  meant he would always keep people at arms length and always brace for the worst. This effected friendships, family and relationships and it was upon recognising this pattern that he penned this track as a letter to the next person who came into his life, warning them of his insecurities and questioning why he kept falling at the five yard line. 

“Hold me in your arms, but I know you’ll throw me down to the floor

I’ve got no reason to mistrust you, but it’s etched in my core"


Performer - Aarian 

Songwriter- Aarian Mehrabani

Producer - Jack Hart


with additional vocal production from - Daniel Mawson

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