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Thank you so much for taking the time to give my demoes a listen. 

Below are a series of very rough song/writing demoes for some of my music with some notes on the references. I'm ideally looking to collaborate with producers to produce these tracks as well as go into some writing sessions to collaborate on new music. 

Five Yard line

For a sense of my music, here is my only fully produced and realised track.

Other Fush

With this song I'm looking to build off the piano ballad style of Five Yard Line and really elevate it. 

Big influences for this song are Clinton Kayne (All of his stuff but particularly "GUESS I'M IN LOVE" & "hopeless", and Dermot Kennedy ("What Have I Done")

Other Fish (Demo)Aarian
00:00 / 03:58
Alone Today

Very open to hearing production thoughts and suggestions on this one. 

Was maybe thinking a Maisie Peters vibe, but it's all up for grabs

Alone Today (Demo)Aarian
00:00 / 03:33

This song was written in collaboration with Gigi Noel-King. This song features in a 5 song EP we wrote 2 years ago and are desperate to find a producer for. 

The vibe is far more Pop/Alternative than the rest of my stuff and the largest influence is probably Billie Eilish. 

We're really keen to work with a producer on this track as a single and hopefully the further EP. Please contact me for the rest of the Demos.

0222 (First demo)Aarian
00:00 / 02:49

If you would like to chat about only of the demoes, or collaborating on other music please reach out. 

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