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During my training at drama school I was exposed to a wide range of techniques and mindsets which really got me thinking. We explored ways of releasing tension and finding ease in movement and speech as well as how to maintain a sense of play and experimentation whilst working in a structured and productive manor. 

I quickly realised that these skills are not just applicable to Actors and performers but rather lay a foundation for a far more effective way of working and being in every day life. 

So I set out to develop a series of workshops to take into a range of settings with the aim of bringing technique which is often only taught to Actors to a much wider audience in order to enable people to live and work with far more ease and freedom in their lives. 

I have worked with companies such as Bentley and Curium Solutions, who have a portfolio of clients including Loyds, Argos, Tesco and e-on. 




Power& Force

When most people think about speaking with confidence, power and assertion, what they are really thinking about is speaking with force 

Whilst training I discovered that whenever I wanted to shout, or speak with assertion, my body unconsciously tensed up in preparation for the force I was about to generate. However once I broke this down I realised that my body's habitual tensing was generating the opposite effect. By introducing tension I was unconsciously limiting the amount of air I could take in , creating tighter and more hostile pathways for sound to travel through and therefore tiring myself out. 

In this workshop we look at ways to release tension in the body and free up the voice as it travels through the body in order to generate more grounded and sustainable speech. Through this we will also discover that by using these techniques we are still able to generate the same amount of volume and assertion. We become able to separate power from force and notice that we do not have to compromise power to achieve confidence and assertive speech without the need for force. 

& The Imagination

A quote which stuck with me through my entire training is the "The imagination is a muscle".

It needs to be exercised and stretched frequently in order to build it's dexterity and depth. By this logic, no one can claim to "not have a good imagination", all this means is that they have an imagination which hasn't been worked out in a. while. 

As children our imaginations are expansive and we use them frequently through playing. As we grow we sadly loose the desire or impulse to play and simply let our imaginations roam free.  

This workshop is applicable to all ages to either reignite a sense of play and kickstart the imagination or to keep an already active imagination fit and dexterous. 

Think of it like a PT session at the gym, but the muscle we'll be working on is the imagination. 

The workshop consists of a series of games and exercises to engage the whole body and  shed you of those doubtful voices which dampen our impulses.

Don't think, just do. 


In day to day life, spontaneous speech is pre-infused with intention. By intention we mean the active response you are trying to elicit from the other person. When you tell your story at the pub, you want your friends to engage and laugh. When you shout for your kids to get ready, you want them to come downstairs and put on their shoes. When you order your coffee at Starbucks, you want the barista to make your order. 

When we have an intention, everyone knows their role. 

But whilst spontaneous speech has intention built in, we have to inject it into prepared speech or risk our message reaching our audience flat, and void of intention 


In this workshop I explain the importance of intention and work with participants to learn how to infuse all of our interactions with intention and tactics. Giving them the skills and confidence to go into every interaction with purpose, and a respect and sensitivity for the living breathing human in front of them. 


This workshop is particularly useful in corporate settings for both teams and individuals, and has already been delivered to a wide range of participants ranging from finance departments to sales teams.

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